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Daniel Grant invites Liquid Force teammate Claudia Pagnini to test his 2021 TAO! Find out what she thinks of the board in the interview below!

FW - How’s everything Claudia? What can you tell us about the start of your season at Thai Wake Park so far? Heeey! Everything’s so good at the moment ahah! I’m in Thailand, riding everyday and the weather is amazing.. so can’t ask for more! I’m having a blast here at Thai wake park! Cable’s not as crowded as the other years.. so it’s easier to try new stuff! And I’m stoked about my riding cause I feel I’ve improved a lot in these months! FW - In the video we see you riding the 145 TAO how does the board feel? I'll say I love the Tao shape! In fact I used to ride it like 2 years ago! I feel it’s a great board for everything: both rails, kickers and airtricks! Its pretty flexy and super stable on landings! And even if it’s 145, it’s not too heavy for me! FW - Is there a difference compared to riding 140cm board? Yea, for me the biggest difference is in the landings! When I’m riding my board I have to focus more when I land, while on the 45 I don’t even think about them! FW - Do you think we will be seeing more women riding bigger boards? Yea I think so! For me it’s really easier to use a bigger board! Especially this one, because even if it’s bigger, it’s not too heavy! So it’s really good for everyone! One more thing: it’s better for our knees ahha! FW - What is easier on a bigger board?
 I think kickers, walls and transfers! Cause once again you have more space to land on. Plus I really enjoy doing backlips cause I have more space on my nose! FW - What is harder on a bigger board?

For me rails to rails were trickier. But after a few laps I got used to the board and figured out how to do them! FW - Will you do a video on the 160 for us? Hell yeeees!! Would be sick! Also cause that is my actual height ahahah FW - Final Question where can you get the best pizza around thai wake park ? Sooo the closest one is in LamLukKa and it’s called LaLuka Pizza! There’s a Thai guy who lived in Italy that makes pizzas in his house! And he has a real wood oven! So good ahha!

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