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Asia's Most Influential

Asia's most influential is dedicated to the riders and video parts that put Asia on the map.

Over the years, the asian cable wakeboard industry has seen and withstand a tremendous change, with a collection of video parts that has establish our scene, here at Foundation we put together 10 video parts that we feel has the most impact on the scene in Chronological orders for you.

Cable skiing & wakeboarding was introduced to asia in the late 90's, gaining popularity by 2004 Thai Riders released the first ever Thai Wakeboard film "unseen" A no budget, No rules just a pure let’s go out, ride and have a good time film. Produced by Joni Anwar

UNSEEN : Aum's section (2004)

by Joni Anwar (No Budget productions)

Featuring Thanathorn "AUM" Rattanachai - "Thai Wake Park Owner"

Filmed at Phuket Wake Park in 2004 Aum is known for going big, grabbing and poking his board and always having a smile on his face! Owner multiple wake parks with his passion and drive to push wakeboarding in Thailand is massively appreciated by all riders around the globe.

LCQ : Didi's Section (2006)

by Joni Anwar

Didi Anwar has been a big part of Thailands's cable scene, helping produce full length films and organising contests since the early 2000's. Didi also played a huge role in teaching Daniel Grant about style and diversity. To this date he is still coaching and influencing the new generation of riders in Thailand

A new beginning : The Philippines

Its quite amazing how much Camsur water sports complex (CWC) inspired the whole world as to what a wake park can be, there was no other place like it at the time. Showing the world a wake park filled with kicker, features and accommodation. Statement was the first documentation of international riders spending their winters in Asia and the beginning of a new era of wakeboarding. Influencing so many riders as well as inspiring so many other wake parks around the world.

Statement : Daniel Pyne (2006)

by Christian Grüner (Pikestaff Productions)

The featured riders in this film are: Daniel Pyne, Brian Grubb, Donald Shelbrick, Patrick Viererbe, Daniel Fetz, Heather Johnson, Sam Collins, Scott Green, Jan Sauer, Kinga Horvath and many more.

Statement 1.5 : Nick Davies (2007)

by Christian Grüner (Pikestaff Productions)

Second part of the popular Statement Wakeboard Film from 2006. Nick Davies known for his craziness, fun and randomness on and off the water inspiring riders all over the globe to "tik-tok" out of their blind landings and do bum slides, basically Nick is a perfect example of how to have a good time on the water and everything doesn't need to be taken so seriously.

Riders in this film are: Nick Davies, Daniel Fetz, Laurent Peyrichou, Tom Fooshee, Keith Lidberg, Marc Shuster, Andy Kolb, John Ruark, Rueben Buchanan and many more.

Overall :

These films and CWC made a huge impact on the future of cable wakeboarding not only in Asia but all over the world. Hosting multiple World Championships pioneering the ultimate wake park, combining every aspect of wakeboarding all in one place. (Boat, Cable and Winch/Poolgap) CWC became the blueprint to many parks that we see around the world today, Following that having Riders and park owners with that same vision in mind, many cable parks in Asia has started to open it doors to wakeboarders and was put on the map for riders around the world as the lay out of the parks were filled with Features and had begun to pave the way for a new generation of cable wakeboarding.

Video Contest Entry : Tatsanai Aye (2010)

by Tuti Films (Seksan Kittichesda)

Tuti started creating "wake" videos in 2009, filming the upbringing of Daniel Grant, Aum and the local scene. Back in 2012 Ronnie Romero teamed up with WakeWorld to put together his own amateur film contest! Tuti delivered a fast paced entertaining edit, earning himself and Tatsanai Aye 1st Runners Up behind Ryan Taylor a massively respected cinematographer and photographer in the wake industry.

Notes from Thailand - Nico Von Lerchenfeld (2011)

by Andy Kolb

Nico was one of the first of many riders that picked Thai Wake Park as his winter destination. Demonstrating not only the riding at the park but the culture and essence of Bangkok. Andy Kolb put together this piece of art. which played a big role in establishing Nico as a professional wakeboarder and Thai Wake Park as one of the main destination for riders around the world to come spend their winters.

This Time Around - Full length (2013)

by Patrick Wieland

9 Riders spend 2 weeks in Wakeboarding Paradise in The Philippines, hitting both the full size and the new CWC's plaza. starring Shredtown, Daniel Grant, James Windsor, Dylan Miller, Olivier Derome, Manu Rupp and Jeff Mckee.

The Debut : Felix Georgii (2013) by Andy Kolb

“The Debut” is a film about people who once found their passion, people who love wakeboarding. Felix Georgii 2 times X-Games gold medalist, highly respected in both snow and wakeboard scene. Felix has such a unique take on wakeboarding thanks to his snowboarding background, taking lines nobody could think of and having god like board control its truly a pleasure to watch Felix on water. The Debut Full Film is available on iTunes or DVD at

The Chow : San Im (2015)

by Pilchard Productions

San Im moved to Thailand a decade ago motivated to progress his riding at amongst groms at that time Victor Salmon and Daniel Grant, becoming one of the most influential at Thai Wake Park. "The Chow" a short edit by Pilchard Productions shows Chow's riding style all the while capturing different places during his Travels.

Republic Domain (2016)

Edited by Justin Loiselle (Produced by Lray Villafuerte )

A decade after statement Lray Villafuerte, popularly known in the wakeboard community as " The Gov " invited a whole new breed of riders to CWC and yet again goes to push wakeboarding to greater heights. Starring Ben Leclair, William Klang, John Broer, Maxine Sapulette,Sophie Hogben, Graeme Burress and more.

Eclipse : Daniel Grant (2016)

by Andy Kolb

In 2016 Daniel travelled around 12 countries, over 200,000 miles competing and filming with my wakeboard and wakeskate. In between filming, with the idea to capture my travels and riding for a full season part.

Pedro Caldas in the Philippines

by : Dave AV

​After finishing filming his part in 2 Spicy Pedro went down to Deca Wakepark, a reestablished wake park took over by The Homies Inc led by Asia's wakeboard legend and all-around wakeboard Papi C-Lo Delatorre. Him and Dave AV got together and produce a little piece of gem that showcase both the riding and the culture of the Philippines.

2 SPICY - (2020)

edited by Nakorn Jumpadib produced by Fame Kogen

2 Spicy, the second project after the first "SPICY" film, a short wakeboard film that showcases the riding and the experience of 8 riders that spend their winters at Thai wake park tied together with a series of nostalgic elements and a good laugh. Starring : Jonathan Silvershatz, Simon Pettai, Josh & Brandon Harris, Kasper Laugesen, Clement Nadal, Michael Boz Bossini and Pedro Caldas.

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