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Daniel Grant Perspectives

Pre Covid-19 I would always with the support of Rip Curl put together an edit to capture the vibe and fun of wakeboarding or wakeskating. These trips have covered all corners or the globe but I have never really had the time in my schedule to do something closer to home.

With the current world pandemic of covid-19 this has been tough for many but it also give me the perfect opportunity to do something specific to Thailand.

With a solid wake scene in Phuket it was pretty easy for me to set up a 3 day trip, with a few of my homies and show the buzz of wakeskating in a way that can connect with surfers or skaters. So many people now are getting into surf skating here in asia, I thought so why not show wakeskating in its raw form a s how much fun it can be.

With the help of Rip Curl / Thailand they backed the idea and I could not be more pleased with how it came out. The concept was to show spots, show fun and show how accessible the sport is.

I will be planning another trip, hopefully during the rain season in another part of Thailand. We had so much fun on and off the water and I hope it inspires people to pick up a board and see how much fun can be had.

Special thanks to Rip Curl / Thailand for making this happen.

Location : Phuket Thailand Filmers : Amnaht Murphy, Bank Chalermrat, B-Cheese, Daniel Grant, Mill Supasitsaenee, Leesaw Wisen

Edited By : Daniel Grant

Music : Bop "Beach Simulator" (Hospital Records) Video Supported by : Ripcurl Thailand

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