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Explore The More Day 2 Daniel Grant & Friends

Day 2 had a similar start as we started at the same spot as Day 1 but moved the winch 200m to the right, The original idea was to slide the dock but as we arrived the tide has already gone down, turning what was a potential feature in the water back into a dock, I quickly improvised and decided to do a running dock start slide. Took couple more than a few tried to figure out my running timed with the winch pulling especially running through sand it would proceed to get more difficult the more I tried. With the help of Nicky keeping the sand off the dock and Mill smoothening out the sand our teamwork lead to victory and within the next try I managed to get on my board and ride away satisfied.

After the first spot we moved to another spot near by with a tree hanging down at a 45 degree angle, a nice flat water spot with no waves. A spot we could get a few more flat tricks film and film some creative angles! The only thing was the area was quite shallow "Mill" after his BS Bigspin went to dive into the water forgetting it was shallow and nudged his shoulder pretty good on the bottom. Other than that we had a solid session and headed back to the house for Lunch at the Villa. Perspectives By - Daniel Grant Stay Tuned for the next Explore the More part releasing 18/5/20 Thanks for reading Supported By Ripcurl Thailand Location : Phuket Thailand Riders : Amnaht Murphy, Bank Chalermrat, Daniel Grant, Mill Supasitsaenee Filmers : Amnaht Murphy, Bank Chalermrat, B-Cheese, Daniel Grant, Mill Supasitsaenee, Leesaw Wisen Edit by : Daniel Grant Music : MixKit "Hazy After-hours"

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