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Fancy Footwork - Interview with Mikayo Mundy


Mikayo Mundy

From: Australia Age: 17

Years Riding: 8

Home Park: Bli Bli Wake Park, Australia

Supported by: Hyperlite, Follow, Always Living & Jetts Bli Bli


FW -Epic edit Mikayo! It's so fun to re-watch a video like this just never gets old.

Honestly you have such a wide range of tricks! as well as the unique hits you did.

did you have a specific trick list or were you just collecting as much footage as you can? Mikayo - I did have a trick list written down on some wrapping paper of tricks I would visualize on the tramp and try on the water but of course there were tricks that I would just come up with as I was riding.

FW -We read in your post that you are recovering from a shoulder injury, did this happen while filming? Following were there any tricks that you missed the opportunity to film due to your injury?

Mikayo - My shoudler was constantly dislocating about once a week for almost 2 years, it was a great time to get the surgery done because of university and covid. I was planning on filming this edit up until I started University in March which would have been 4 x longer what was reality, I had this mentality becuase the scans I was getting for my shoulder made us belive it was healing. I decided to get the surgery, once the surgeon looked inside my shoulder it was established that it was worse than we thought, putting me off the water for nine months.

FW - Did you have a filmer ?

Mikayo - There were some legends that were around at the time and managed to film some shots!

FW - Who produced the edit? Mikayo - Produced it myself.

FW - How long until you’re back on the water?

Mikayo - 6 months from now!

FW - What was the harder, Riding or Editing?

Mikayo - Riding was harder for sure! This is because I only had one month to film the entire video and I was in collage!

FW - Where was your favourite wake park to film at for the edit? Mikayo - Bli Bli wake park because it’s home, But I did manage to spend a few days at cairns wake park and the footage coming out of there with the mountains in the background look so good!

FW - Any final words?

Mikayo - Overall was super stoked I was able to make this video, thanks for all the positive feedback and can’t wait to make more when I’m all healed up!

FW - Thank You for you time Mikayo, can't wait to see you back on the water soon!

Thanks for reading, Foundation Wake Team

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