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Features Fiesta 2 Presented by Homies at Deca wake park in Clark - Philippines

On August 19-20 Deca wake park hosted the 2nd edition of Features Fiesta! A weekend for the filipino riders to test their skills on water and hangout with the community once again. The event had a Lines & Best Trick competition as well as ending the two-day event with LIVE music sets by their good homies. Words from @homiesapproved & @decawakeclark "Features Fiesta 2 is a wrap!

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated, and to all the winners.

Our cable fam is getting bigger

Much love from the wakeboarding community, and to everyone who supported." @triple8nyc @southbydesigns @dupwake @jfitph @supplementhub @stretchlab @chicknjuicyofficial @welegendary @cuatroph @wakeshackresto @happykoreanmart @eliseos.home On to the next one! Yiiiw 🤙🏻 Watch the best wakeboarders in the Philippines putting on a show, during Features Fiesta!

Men’s Wakeboard Open Division: Best Trick Section!

Women’s Wakeboard Open Division: Best Trick Section

Men’s Wake Skate, Open Division: Best Trick Section

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