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Fire Check EP.1Transgression - Sidewayz Films

Fire Check the show where we discuss about sections, riders and production of the film alongside @didianwar @danielgranttt @delphitower & @spicy.noodless Dive with us into this classic wakeboard film and explain how it had such a big impact on the global wakeboard scene Sidewayz Films teamed up with Gator Boards to make an amazing film With the comeback of Randall Harris riding for the first time in over two years this project is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Along with Randall Harris you will experience Ryan Doyle, Keith Lidberg the rail master, Kyle Rattray, Drew McGuckin, Gerry Nunn, Tim Kovacich, Ricky Gonzales, Mark Weikel, Wes Briscoe, Steve Edwards, and Matt Manzari. From the words of Randall: Sidewayz holds the paintbrush, the GB team is the ink, and our many canvases include Florida, California, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Dominican Republic and more. We poured blood, sweat and tears into this masterpiece. Transgression transcends beyond the mere confines of a wakeboard film. For those involved it was an adventure. For me it was a life changing experience. For you is will be an inspirational cinematic journey. Valla Con Dios, Vandall See You Next Episode!

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