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Fundamentals Online Wakeboard
 & Wakeskate Event

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Fundamentals Online Wakeboard
 & Wakeskate Event

At the start of June we hosted our first online event, Fundamentals supported by us at FoundationWake as well as Spicy and More Soap. In total there were 6 challenges for riders to win some prizes as well as some cash! Firstly we would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. Great to see alot of creativity and personality to each video. We are planning to do more events in the near future! Here's the results! Congratulations to all the prize and cash winners !

Style Challenge - Supported by


1st Place - Chino Sacapaño - Phillipines

2nd Place - Alex Bychkov - Singapore

3rd Place - Nikolai Kaverin - Thailand

Spicy Challenge - Supported by 2spicy

1st Place - Tom Verhaak - Thailand

2nd Place - Kacper Lepicki - Singapore

Intensity Challenge - Supported by Thai Wake Park

1st Place - Kacper Lepicki - Singapore

2nd Place - Nikolai Kaverin - Thailand

3rd Place - Matachua Pipattanakul - Thailand

3 Trick Line Challenge - Supported by MoreSoap

1st Kacper Lepicki - Singapore

2nd Nikolai Kaverin - Thailand

3rd Luliia Kaverina - Thailand

Wakeskate Rail Challenge - Supported by TheFarmTeam

1st Place - Bank Chalermrat - Thailand

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