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Low Gravity - Wakeboarding On The Moon

Another stand out edit from Nicklas Dorfer, escaping the German winter to land in Lunar Cable Park, staying on site and filming all the pro riders that came in his way. Here are some words from the editor, Nicklas Dorfer.

Here its is! LOW GRAVITY produced for LUNAR TV / Lunar cablepark.

It was a blast filming this Project beginning of the year and escaping freezing Germany for the month of February to April. Staying right at the wakepark with the pro riders was an awsome opportunity to Film for the Project while still maintaining a chill environment for everyone. No Pressure, Just fun!

Much love to the whole lunar crew for always helping and making this possible! It was an insane location in andalusia, spain. It really looked like you are on the moon and that way we came up with the idea of calling it low gravity. The riders did their job and made their tricks look like its actually filmed in low gravtiy.


Camille Charraud @cam_corky

Glenn Vandenberghe @berghe.33

Juan Carlos Mas @juancmas7

Juan Luis A.M @juanluisalfocea

Jules Charraud @jules.charraud

Mano Troch @manuvdv24

Nicklas Dorfer @nicklas.dorfer

Quique Cornejo @quiquecornejo

Elena Bodi @elenabodi_

Yannik Paton @yannikpaton

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