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Luke Carrick Interview Early Season Edit

FW : Your recent edit was filmed at Phuket wakepark and Sports a wakepark right how is the Wakeboard Scene in Phuket doing right now?

Luke : Haha not too good I’m afraid. Sport wake park has two Japanese locals and no Thai locals, usually there’s no more than 3 people riding at once. As for Phuket Wake Park there’s a few Russians there that are sending it as well as the monkey wake group. Kinda sucks cuz I’ve just been riding by myself everyday for the past year and a half, but on the bright side of things I never had to line up on the dock when riding in Phuket.

FW : The edit is filled with Bangerz, tweaks and grabs not many have thought of ! So we want to know. How do you get inspired to try these new tricks and variations?

Luke : Usually when I’m eating breakfast I’ll either pick a Pedro Caldas edit to watch and / or go through Joe battleday’s and Josh Twelkers instagram feed.

I want to be is like all 3 of them put together if that makes sense.

FW : The edit had a nice flow and feeling to it, did you edit that yourself?

Luke :Haha I beg to differ but yes I did, thank you

FW : Did you plan out each and every trick for the edit ?

Luke : At least 80%-90% of it, yes

FW : Final Question, The ender of your video (2:31) Could you break that down for us, we need an explanation!! Luke : Haha, what it is or at least what I was trying to do is a switch osmosis back 3 to switch indie pete rose. I first saw Ryan Peacock doing the first bit of the trick and it took myself a year to finally give it a go because I had just gotten back into riding at the time. My only regret with that trick is that I wish I had flipped it more than rolling it if that makes sense.

Thanks for reading

Photo : Paulius Žižliauskas - @zizpaul

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