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Monday Mission feat. Yannik & Enzo - By Nicklas Dorfer 

A note from the director.

I wasn’t planning on Shooting for Spicy when I flew down to Lunar Cablepark, my original idea was to only shoot an edit for LunarTV. But when I heard that Enzo Asseraf was joining us on the “Moon”, it was pretty obvious that something would get done including him. Looking back to the good times Enzo and me spend on last years Wax my Chili tour. We were pretty hyped when Fame (Spicy) called me and asked if we want to get going on a Project with Yannik Paton. We agreed on finishing our prior planned Projects while thinking about what to do for the Spicy Video. Enzo and Yannik kept thinking about moving a kicker in front of the big bank from the Miles Töller signature Shape Obstacle. Time passes... all of a sudden i only got 5 days until I leave and we haven’t shot anything yet. We were in a rush to say the least. It’s Friday and with only 4 days of shooting left, we wanted to start with the main idea of moving the kicker. Hacking is normally the easiest task at Lunar, but it turned into a challenge real quick. “There is a Sitwake camp from monday on, we can’t have the kicker there at that time.” , is what one of the Owners told us. “We can move it on Sunday, but it has to be back in position Monday morning” That was when the Story Idea popped up. “Secretly moving the kicker in the morning, to have a session right before the camp starts” I always like to connect riding with a matching story, because it gives people something easy to understand, even if they don’t wakeboard at all. And most of the time, the story that fits the best is the one that is actually happening outside of the riding. You just have to plan it Right. I sat down, wrote the script and created a shot list. After that Enzo, Yannik, the owners and me discussed the timing for each shot. We had everything mixed up, morning shots in the evening and evening shots at lunch time. But we had to make it work within the time frame we got. Remember that we could only move the kicker on Sunday afternoon and the cable was open to the public until 6p.m. All the Guys where super motivated and didn’t step back from working their ass off to get the video done. While Saturday was pretty chill, with only shooting the intro evening sesh, Sunday hit way different. We were waking up at 8am for the „sneaking out“ shots, shooting some more for the intro sesh around lunch time, recorded the Dialog with the owner John, stoped the cable early to move the kicker at 5pm, and shot the full kicker to wall sesh from 6pm to darkness. It was hectic but we got it done. We kept Monday morning as a backup and ended up using it to fill the part with some tricks on other obstacles. Enzo and Yannik started to move the kicker back in place at 9am, so that maintenance could be done in time to open for the camp wich actually started at 10am in reality. I can’t thank the boys and Lunar enough for the commitment. I think everyone was stoked on the outcome and to create something different.

we’ll be back for more


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