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New Full Length - Canedo - by By Nick Walker 

Canedo - a wakeboard mid length movie about 4 broke wakeboarders who flew to Brazil for a month to spend their Uni Break riding and experiencing the full Brazilian experience. Feat. Gavin Giglio, Crosse Bearden Todd Allen and Nick Walker.

We sent Nick Walker a few questions to get some insight into this project and to see how his trip went.

FW - Nice video man, could you explain how everybody got together for this project and how you guys landed on the name Canedo?

NW - Thanks man! The project came together pretty super last minute actually haha. It started off as Todd and I planning to do the trip with just us two but we threw out some invites and Gavin and Crosse were on board. Crosse actually booked his flights two weeks before we left. We decided to call the project Canedo because the neighboring area is called Senador Canedo which is where most of the staff at the park lives.

FW- How was it traveling to Brazil during the pandemic?

NW- Traveling during the pandemic definitely had us on edge. We had to get a certain kind of COVID test which was hard to find. Also when Gavin and I were flying home one of our flights got cancelled and we were forced to extend the trip another day haha.

FW - Gnarliest food tried by one of the crew?

NW - There was one night we cooked a steak in a pan with only a fork and knife, that one didn’t turn out too well. Also there was this pretty gross liquor they had called Cachaca which they served out of a petrol container

FW - Interesting music choice, did you already have the list of music in mind before the start of filming?

NW - Some of the songs like the ones in mine and Crosses part I had in mind before we even made it to Brazil. But other ones like Todd’s were shown to us by some of the locals. Todd’s song actually references a popular party substance, song is called Michael Douglas (MD), you do the math.

FW - Craziest story from the trip and who was the biggest MVP?

NW - One of our last nights in Brazil we ran into a famous DJ who owned a club in the city. He invited us to his club and gave us a section for the night. We got back to the park at 6am and were locked out so we had to jump the razor wire fence and the guard and his dog weren't too happy with us. The Biggest MVP would definitely be Atila Prada, He's the park manager there and he made sure anything we needed we were set up with. He's kind of like the Fame of Sunset Wakepark.

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