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Pretty Average Interview

James Windsor & Jacob Vinall from Australia have recently launched their new YouTube channel "Pretty Average" capturing their sessions, the vibe and the people making it happen on both sides of the lens.

We caught up with the crew for a short interview below

What was the inspiration to start your channel and the initial concept for it?

Its one of those things we actually talked about doing this drunk a lot of times, every time we were drinking we would say, “why don’t we actually do this.. It could be sick!!” We have always wanted something that we can do what we want, it’s something like its ours nobody is telling us how to do it, we do it how we want, now we do it every week!

Who is in the pretty average team?

Its just us 3 mainly, myself James Windsor, Jacob Vinall and Mikayo Mundy. Mikayo edits all of them and he will back riding in the episodes after his recovery. also whoever were riding with with us on the day of filming we will be featured as well.

What can we expect to see in future episodes?

We just finished shooting on the weekend, It was Jacob Vinall’s Birthday so we’ve got all a lot of wakeboarding, drinking then into the partying at night! Stay Tuned Every Monday!

Where would be your dream location to film an episode?

Hahaha we were jokingly saying “man we need to go to Vegas and do an episode there! I don’t even know if there’s a wake park there, but that would be a sick episode!

Have you been thinking about getting any sponsors involved?

At the moment everything is funded by ourselves, we would love sponsored to get involved so we can use that money for advertising! Yeah it would be sick to make money out of it eventually but the goal at the moment is just, any money we can make will go straight back into Advertising everything will go straight back into the project.

Why do you think now is a good time to start a YouTube channel ?

I think that question really relates to the first one, I Feel like it’s something we’ve been talking about for ages, and finally we were like “dude lets just go!” enough banter, Let’s Just do it !

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