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Redbull Wake Deul 2021

An amazing weekend for wakeboarding this past weekend, Massive thanks to Redbull, Mystic and for hosting the first event of the season in Palanga, Lithuania.

Starting off with the qualifiers at WakeWay 16 men and 8 women had a chance to go the final at 313 Cable Park after qualification

Also In order to develop and promote the culture of wakeboarding in Lithuania, Lithuanian riders who did not qualify will be given 2nd chance to qualify to the finals.

Only the Lithuanian Top 2 Mens and 1 Women will go to the final

Competition Format -

There is a total of 3 sections on the course.

All the features need to be used.

Each rider get 2 Runs

The best section from those 2 runs are added together to make the final score.

Qualification Results


Kamilè Cickevičiūtė (LTU)

Guoda Malinauskaite (LTU)

Anita Leina (LVA)

Joelina Gerards (GER)

Elina Bodi (ESP)

Jamie Lopina (USA)

Maxime Ocasek (GER)

Urte Z.


Florian Weiherer (GER)

Ryan Peacock (GBR)

Tobias Michael (GER)

Alfie Constable (GBR)

Jules Charraud (FRA)

Marko Gačić (LTU)

Max Milde (GER)

Marko Malsub (EST)

Domantas Kazickas (LTU)

Kieran Owens (GBR)

Rein Van Der Pass (GER)

Domantas Kazickas (LTU)

Armandas Selvenis (LTU)

Ricardo De Tollis (ITA)

Welsey Huber (USA)

Each and every head to head was stacked in both the women's and the men's division. Some of the highlight head to heads were

Max Milde VS Pedro Caldas (Semi-Final)

Julia Rick VS Claudia Pagnini (Battle for 1st)

Pedro Caldas VS Liam Peacock (Battle for 1st)

It was interesting to watch everyone taking their own lines and approach to the contest with this NBD format.

Here are the results !

Photo : Dranginis Vytautas

1st Claudia Pagnini (ITA)

2nd Julia Rick (GER)

3rd Jamie Lopina (USA)

Photo : Dranginis Vytautas

1st Liam Peacock (GBR)

2nd Pedro Caldas (BRA)

3rd Timo Kapl (AUT)

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