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Wakeskate Wednesday

Daniel Grant despite being injured he pushed through and locked in another wakeskate filled month at his local Thai Wake Park.

Words from Daniel Grant "On the 31st of May I took a pretty easy fall just doing a bs big spin and held onto the handle and it pulled and stretched me in a weird way... anyway I continued to ride and next thing I knew I could feel my right side rib popped out after a 1 handed dockstart, I quickly adjusted and tried to keep riding, and even to keep the tradition going, I pushed through every Wednesday but only wednesday the other days I was resting and taking a break, I went for a visit to Hospital and they told me all I can do is rest... so with pain on all weeks of Wakeskate Wednesday im psyched to tell you guys im feeling alot better and am back riding again! Thanks again for all the support!"

Every week wakeskaters around the globe connect and showcase their riding every through hashtag #wakeskatewednesday

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