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Wax My Chilli Tour  - Perspectives by Fame


Wax my chilli show, The perspective - a series of articles that articulates the different vision and perspective of the Wax My Chilli tour crew and how the project came to be. ​

The idea for the collaboration came from just being home and bored during the lockdown, after most of the wakeboard events getting cancelled and traveling was not possible I decided to reach out to Daan Rigter, Founder of Wax That to do a collaboration project, we ended up landing on the idea of doing a road trip, during the same time Pedro was over in the UK filming “Cream Tea” his new video with Dave AV (shits bangin) so we decide to get him over to Europe to do the tour along with Enzo Mik and Nicklas Dorfer as the camera man.

First Stop - Wet n Wild

The first stop of the tour was at Wet n Wild where the boys stayed over at Mik’s house,Wet n Wild was super cool about letting the boys hack up the park and Mik and the crew got to work. Tim van Dortmont also joined the session and killed the set up. As I was stuck in Thailand, contemplating my choices in life while the boys are trying on Mik's mom's dress and eating stoop waffles. Mike, (Spicy head editor) showed me the Intro of All timers “No idea” video (link to video below) and we thought it would be funny to do an asian knockoff version of it as an intro.

Second stop - View Almere

Second stop of the Tour was at Cable Park View Almere. Not quite sure what happened there, but the car broke down on the way to the cable and they were stuck for a while but Ollie (Mik’s brother) came and save the day and the boys got some sausage rolls and head over to the park, where bad weather cut off the riding session early. With not a lot of content to work with we decided to put some clips from Infinite camp from later during the tour to level out the riding/ B roll ratio for your viewing pleasure.

Third Stop - Wake Park Roemond

After what seemed like a rocky start for stop number 2, the boys push on to the next stop which is at Wake Park Roemond in Beaver's Creek. The crew met up with 2 local riders, Max Halm from Down Under and My favourite sweet heart of a wakeboarder, Dirk Van Esser. After hacking up some features. The boys sesh up the park with Enzo throwing out a few bangers and Nicklas bringing out some one footers bangers.

Last Stop - Triolago

It was definitely a breath of fresh air when I heard from the Nicklas about Triolago, with Jerry (Cable Owner) and the crew from Triolago already pushing the scene from hacking up the park setup to facilitating everything the boys need during their stay while maintaining the friendliest vibe. I heard Pedro and Enzo ended up staying for a couple more weeks because they were just loving it down there but you'll get to read about that in Pedro's Perspective series dropping next week. Massive shout out to the Triolago crew for putting up the most amazing hospitality for our crew and creating a space where many wakeboarders can call home.

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