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Wax My Chilli Tour - Perspectives by Mik Nieuwenhoff

First day – Missed train

The first day me and Sam went to Wet ‘n Wild to set the hacks up, cause Enzo and Pedro missed their train. We put a skate-rail on the ledge of the pool, a reversed transfer-kicker behind the uprail and a transfer-kicker besides a high ledge.

Second day – Wet ‘n Wild

The day after I picked up the boys in Amsterdam. When we came back Nicklas already arrived. The boys tuned in so easily. We had a delicious meal, made by my mom, some beers and great laughter (Pedro dancing in one of my mom’s dresses). The very next morning we drove to Wet ‘n Wild, here we got to meet the very first guest of the show: Tim van Dortmont. So, the boys got in their first laps and I sat up some more hacks. This took a bit longer than expected cause this perfectionist got a bit too much ideas. So eventually settled with a pretty hacked up park and some time to film. Big thanks to Wet ‘n Wild for letting us do our thing. Nicklas, who took an unfortunate slam with a result of a nasty wound, still managed to get everyone in the frame of his lens. After the session we broke down the hacks, jumped in the car, grabbed some pizza and drove to Amsterdam.


Arrived and parked in Amsterdam, it took us a fair bit to figure out the rental bikes. Eventually we got two bikes with an application and two from a public transportation point. With the boys on the bikes Amsterdam got even a bit more hectic. Stunts, wheelies and crossing some red lights were all part in this bumpy ride. Some mandatory stops at bars, coffeeshops and of course a peepshow at the red-light district. After some laughs and even couple bike crashes figured to hand in the bikes and go home. The bikes from the application were handed in super easy, the bikes from the public transportation point were a whole other story.

Since we were 10 minutes late to hand them in the original point (never trust Google’s opening times) we split up. Pedro and Enzo would bike, with dead phones, for less than a kilometer to hand them in at another public transportation point. Me and Nicklas went to grab the car and pick the boys up at the other point. After arriving there this point was also closed (never trust Google’s opening times) but also no Pedro and Enzo. Five minutes of yelling and shouting didn’t help. So, we drove to the old public transportation point and to all relieve there they are. The next day we returned the bikes as we drove up to Cablepark View Almere.

Third day – View Almere

But before we went to Almere, we had to pick up the boards at Wet ‘n Wild. Groceries was up next, cause the boys got hungry. This is were I fucked up. I thought it would be smart to cross a pavement with a fully loaded car and trailer. But since it was so low the exhaust got detached and we got the real supercar sound. Luckily my brother is a hero and very handy, even though he had to go to school (big shout out Sam Nieuwenhoff). Headed to Almere, handed in the bikes and arrived at View. The weather wasn’t in our favor so eventually we hacked the park with some additions and ended up with a short but energetic evening sesh. The tasty food from their restaurant satisfied us big time. Thankful with big smiles on our faces we strolled back to the car. View Cablepark Almere thank you for the possibilities. The final night at my place was celebrated with a tasty Paella and some beers.

Fourth day – Beaver Creek

Next morning was Roermond on the navigation. Enzo’s music made the drive so much shorter. After arriving a bit later than expected, the crew warmly welcomed us at the sunny side of Beaver Creek Wakepark. Here Max and Dirk were introduced to the crew and right after we went straight on the water and sessioned it almost the whole day. Such a great day filled with tricks, juggling, sunrays, ‘yeeewws’, sleeping Enzo’s, and lots of laughs! Pedro and I went for some groceries and some thrift shop trash. Coming back at the cable, we had a little after sesh feast on the parking lot. Big ups to Beaver Creek Wakepark for the hospitality and providing the vibeful pulls. After the goodbye the WMC-crew took off for a 6-hour long drive. We arrived around 01:00 AM at Wakepark Triolago and guess what, Enzo was sleeping. So Nicklas took Pedro and me to Konni, Henri and Hennes at the campers. Here we directly started to build some higher energies. After we forgot about Enzo sleeping in the car, we woke him up and got our sleep stuff.

Fifth day – Triolago day 1

Next morning breakfast with warm coffee and fresh buns was served in the morning sun like it was nothing. We followed it up with a great first session. The park was easy to get used to, because the hacks were put in the right places. Jerry visited our camper for chat and gave us some good tips about food. This champ really gets how to run a cable and be cool person. So, we got pizza for diner and our evening was filled with skate 3 and we talked about possible lines.

Sixth day – Triolago day 2

The second day at Triolago we took a day off the cable. We had yet another decent breakfast in the sun. When we were all set and done, we went for the top of the mountain right next to the lake. A couple stops brought us this amazing view over the valley full of wine-grapes. The boys from Triolago drove up here and joined us. We enjoyed our stay until the sun was set. When we got back Jerry and the whole Triolago squat took us to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Here we had delicious burgers and extraordinary big milkshakes. Closing off with a little sightseeing tour through the city. It was really nice to hang with the crew and to getting to know them better. When we got back, we talked through our filming plans of the next day.

Seventh day – Triolago day 3

The third day at Triolago was my final day. We had a little alarm and again breakfast in the morning sun. I could really get used to this kind of breakfasts. Only needed a vest and helmet and we were ready for some filming action. Having a private cable during the morning sessions gave us so many possibilities. We got the full potential out the morning session and ended it with a decent lunch. Some juggling, chatter about other tricks and a system sesh got us through the afternoon. The final evening session provided my last #WaxMyChilli laps. Afterwards Nicklas, Enzo, Pedro and I went for the final meal together. Ending the trip in style with some beers, decent food, big smiles and great times.

The next morning the whole Triolago squad, including Pedro, Nicklas and Enzo went to an amusement park. So, I was the only one left at the cable with lots of gratefulness for this whole week full of hecticness, laughs, weird tricks, slams, good people, great energies, skate 3 and most of all great times. #WaxMyChilli is a wrap and ready to be continued!

Big thank you to all people who were involved!

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