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​Wax My Chilli Tour - Perspectives by Pedro Caldas


Me and Enzo took the train together after missing the first one. Coming from La source (France) to Mik’s house crossing the Dutch boarders. During the train ride, we found this French dude getting wasted at the seat In front of us. He ended up smoking a ciggy in the train and shit got real fast. Trip already started being crazy.

After arriving at the station, Mik came and pick us up where Nicklas (Cam man) was already there. After indulging in some Dutch traditions and enjoying some bomb food by Mik’s mom (who is one of the best energies I’ve seen). Also decided that it was a good idea to try on her dress and dance at one point. We all had a good time.

First Stop – Wet N Wild

Going from sunny France to cloudy Netherland's weather took some getting used to but Enzo has the music to get us pumped. Wet n Wild was super cool about letting us hack up the park and Mik had a vision... a sketchy vision. Wake skate homie Tim Van Dortmont also showed up to the sessions and he was shredding hard. Broke my board trying a rail to rail. Bummer but we had a pretty good session overall, Props to Mik and Wet n Wild for making it happen.

Amsterdam – Lost

Me and the boys went cruising through Amsterdam to check out the city. We were late to turn in the bikes so we had to split up the group in 2 with me and Enzo taking the bikes to the other delivery spot while Mik and Nicklas takes the car to pick us up there. Of course, me and Enzo got lost without a phone. After following the wrong car and not finding the delivery spot. We somehow ended up in a peepshow. Me and Enzo in this cramped Cabin watching 2 people going at it, shit was weird. We put too much money in so we ended up staying for ages, until we look at each other and decided to bounce. Eventually we found the rest of the boys at the old pickup spot, we ended up having to return the bikes the next day.

Second Stop – View Almere Cable Park

On our way to View, the car got stuck going over a walkway and we had to go back to Mik’s house where Mik’s brother came and save the day like a G. We lost a lot of time during the missions and the rain didn’t really help but we still had a nice afternoon sesh and some bomb food at the restaurant.

Third stop – Wake Park Roemond

Beaver Creek was sick! The park and the people there were really cool. Got to jump the tower, boys weren’t feeling it and Enzo was still sleeping (again). The sun was out and the crew was stoked that we were there. I have never heard about this cable but it was a pretty fun day.

Final Stop – Triolago

We arrived at Triolago at night and Enzo was of passed out in the back of the car (again). We decided to let him wake up alone in the car... He never did, so eventually we decided to go back for him. Me and the crew shared a campervan with Konni for a couple of days. Pretty messy but it was a good vibe, I got myself a pretty good sleeping spot thankfully.

We took a hike to the top of the “mountain” you can see next to Triolago. It was fun to do something other than Wakeboarding and get to see a little bit of nature in a different country. The set up at Trio was awesome, we had good weather most of the time, and Jerry was cool to let us session the cables by ourselves. 10/10 experience at this last stop. The Local really took us in and showed us a good time, we even got to go to Europa park with them!

We also went Go Karting and shared many meals together. Me and Enzo decided to stay longer than we originally planned because the place was simply too sick. We build chairs, shelves and other random stuff to facilitate our daily life there. I made a true connection with the people there and will be coming back ASAP.

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