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  • Wax My Chilli Ep5: To The Moon

    In this Episode, The Spicy team Link up with the Wax That guys at Lunar Cable Park to film a video project

  • Wax My Chilli Tour  - Perspectives by Fame

    WAX MY CHILLI Wax my chilli show, The perspective - a series of articles that articulates the different vision and perspective of the Wax My Chilli tour crew and how the project came to be. ​ getting cancelled and traveling was not possible I decided to reach out to Daan Rigter, Founder of Wax As I was stuck in Thailand, contemplating my choices in life while the boys are trying on Mik's mom's The crew met up with 2 local riders, Max Halm from Down Under and My favourite sweet heart of a wakeboarder

  • Wax My Chilli Tour - Perspectives by Mik Nieuwenhoff

    We had a delicious meal, made by my mom, some beers and great laughter (Pedro dancing in one of my mom Luckily my brother is a hero and very handy, even though he had to go to school (big shout out Sam Nieuwenhoff The final night at my place was celebrated with a tasty Paella and some beers. Seventh day – Triolago day 3 The third day at Triolago was my final day. The final evening session provided my last #WaxMyChilli laps.

  • Wax My Chilli Tour - Perspectives by Pedro Caldas

    Broke my board trying a rail to rail.

  • WAX THAT evenings 3 Stops

    3 stops of Wax That Evenings just went down for the last couple of months, as we are saying our good at Foundation brings you the recap videos of the 3 get to togethers organized by Mid Nieuwenhoff of Wax

  • Monday Mission feat. Yannik & Enzo - By Nicklas Dorfer 

    I wasn’t planning on Shooting for Spicy when I flew down to Lunar Cablepark, my original idea was to Looking back to the good times Enzo and me spend on last years Wax my Chili tour. While Saturday was pretty chill, with only shooting the intro evening sesh, Sunday hit way different.

  • Apricot Season Dan Milstein Interview

    So then I released that if I do my rural work, I would be able to extend my work visa. My time in Mackay made me a lot more consistent and understanding of my riding through teaching it, came So My time there expanded my view on all the different ways to ride, winched a lot more, more boat, and spot in my heart along with Wakehouse and Valdosta! All my tricks, rail hits, butters, was just out of this world.

  • Daniel Grant "Hotdogs" - 2022 Wakeboard Season edit

    I'd like to thank everyone who filmed, helped out and supported my throughout this season.

  • Knowing The Unknown - Logan Dane Farris

    We lived just a few miles from the lake and my dad would want to go to the lake after work most days Wakeboarding has been part of my life so I had to seek out ways to ride here. After seeing a few different winches in person I started to figure out how to build my own. That lead me to starting a little winch company outta my parents garage. A lot of the time I’m traveling on the train with my wakeboard just under my arm.


    And I’m stoked about my riding cause I feel I’ve improved a lot in these months! When I’m riding my board I have to focus more when I land, while on the 45 I don’t even think about them Plus I really enjoy doing backlips cause I have more space on my nose! Also cause that is my actual height ahahah FW - Final Question where can you get the best pizza around

  • Local Spotlight - Matach Uapipattanakul

    —because I don't want my skin to be two tones and tan lol

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